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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Engagement RingAt MTFB, we love the idea of Engagement rings with a precious gem stone twist. Beautiful designs that incorporate Sapphires, Ruby’s and Emeralds. Gem Stone engagement rings, favoured by Royalty, allow for a personal touch to the piece that can incorporate a favourite colour or birthstone and for a larger and more beautiful gem. The Duchess of Cambridge, Sarah Ferguson, Jackie Kennedy and Jessica Simpson have all famously worn Gem Stone Engagement rings.

The engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery a lady will own. Worn every day, it is a piece to be treasured. Consider creating a beautiful, finely crafted piece of your own, and allow our jewellers to work with you on a unique design that will stand out from the sea of diamond engagement rings available on the market and create a personalized piece that will become an heirloom in time.

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How much is the average engagement ring, and how can you save?

Interesting article here in the average price of engagement rings.
This is something close to our hearts at My Thing For Bling, we are firm believers providing the best value for money for one of the most important pieces of jewellery you’ll ever buy.
Our customers are often delighted with our prices and find they are well below the Australian market value. This is something we can achieve without compromising on quality or workmanship by being a small family owned business with low overheads.

How to care for pearls

How to care for pearlsNothing channels sophistication and elegance like a beautiful string of pearls. Famously worn by Coco Chanel, Queen Elizabeth II and Audrey Hepburn, pearls are a timeless addition to any woman’s jewellery collection. Pearls do require more specialized care than most other gems, as the delicate surface is easily damaged. Consider these care tips to ensure the longevity of your pearls:

  • Perfumes, cosmetics and hair products can damage pearls, so the general rule of thumb to remember is that your pearls should be the last thing you put on and first thing you take off.
  • To clean, use mild soap and mineral water (the chlorine in tap water can damage your pearls) and if necessary, use a natural bristle brush, to gently remove any marks. Lay flat to dry.
  • Don’t swim or shower while wearing your pearls, it can cause the string to stretch.
  • Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after each wear.
  • Store your pearls flat, and separate to any other piece of jewellery.
  • If you wear your pearls often, have them restrung one every 12 – 24 months ensuring they are individually knotted, so that if the strong does break – you don’t loose more than one pearl.


I received my wedding ring today and oh my goodness…. I’m in love ! It is perfect! It outdoes my engagement band!

I will be wanting to order an exact replica for my eternity ring from you, (I’ve been told this will happen around our wedding anniversary – If I can’t work on him sooner! So please keep all the details on file.

Thank you again for such a stunning ring, now to try and control myself and not wear it until our wedding!!

Matt, Cairns, QLD.

Following the birth of our first child, I wanted to create something amazing and unique for my wife that she could call her own – knowing it was one of a kind. What started with a concept in my mind, I was able to work with My Thing For Bling to make what I had visualised a reality. They were able to interpret my thoughts, develop an accurate sketch and design and deliver a wonderfully presented (and priced!) piece. I am very grateful for the excellent and timely customer service provided and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my family and friends.